Opening May 14th. Guidance here.

From this Thursday, 14th May, you can play at the club, subject to some rules.

Currently only singles play is allowed at the club since doubles would only be permitted where all 4 players live in the same household. However both courts can be in use at the same time.

Courts need to be booked in advance via WhatsApp. If you are not already on the clubs WhatsApp group then contact any member of the committee to be added

Booking via this system will ensure that players are not turning up at the same time and compromising social distancing rules. There needs to be a 10 minute gap between the end of one session and the beginning of the next, so please factor this in when giving times. Bookings are to be for 90 minutes.

Please make details of arrangements with each other by text or phone calls in order to limit the amount of messaging on WhatsApp. Contact Jess for phone numbers if needed and provide consent for your number to be shared.


Please only use the club house if absolutely necessary. Since we cannot provide hot water or disposable towels for hand washing, as recommended by the LTA, we ask that you only use the facilities if absolutely necessary and to bring your own hand sanitiser.

Leave personal items outside where possible.

Can players please wipe down door handles, keys and padlocks with a cleansing wipe as they leave. These are available in the club house.

Do not use kitchen facilities in order to reduce the risk of contaminating surfaces. Therefore we would ask you bring your own drinks.

There is a poster on the window that provides guidance on good hygiene practice while on court.


There is now a court key in the key safe to reduce the need to enter the club house.


Players must use their own set of balls when playing, marked with your name and taken home at the end of play.

We have a limited number of new balls that you can buy at cost price of £3.50 per tube. This is limited to one tube per player for now as we only have a limited number. Details from Jess. If you wish to use used balls, please feel free to take 4 from the clubhouse but again mark them and take them home with you.

Please be aware that any of the above is subject to change, dependent upon government and LTA rules and guidance. We urge you to read the LTA guidance for players and check regularly for changes or additions. We will do the same and keep you up to date as much as possible. If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your understanding in these trying times!