June 1st. Doubles tennis returns.

Both singles and doubles tennis are now permitted. You may wish to consult the full LTA guidance .

Social distancing rules must be followed and players should continue to maintain social distancing when playing.
Venue rules state that there should be a maximum of 6 people attending the courts at any one time. Therefore we can allow doubles play on one court but not both courts at the same time.

Book on this website.

Can players please book for doubles on Court one and singles on Court 2. Obviously singles can take place on both courts and these can be booked as happens now.

Bookings can be for up to 90 minutes.

There needs to be a 10 minute gap between the end of one session and the beginning of the next, so please factor this in when arriving and leaving the courts.

Players must enter the names of all players in the online bookings form.

The club WhatsApp group can be used to see who wants a game. As soon as possible in the conversation please switch to making arrangements individually to limit the amount of messaging on that WhatsApp group.

Club House

Please only use the club house if absolutely necessary. Since we cannot provide hot water or disposable towels for hand washing, as recommended by the LTA, we ask that you only use the facilities if absolutely necessary and to bring your own hand sanitiser.
Leave personal items outside where possible. Can players please wipe down door handles, keys and padlocks with a cleansing wipe as they leave. These are available in the club house. Do not use kitchen facilities in order to reduce the risk of contaminating surfaces. Therefore we would ask you bring your own drinks. There is a poster on the window that provides guidance on good hygiene practice while on court.


There is now a court key in the key safe to reduce the need to enter the club house.


Guidance no longer includes having to use your own tennis balls. However, it recommends handling balls as little as possible and clean your hands immediately before and after play. Balls should not be left on court or in the club house once used.
We have a limited number of new balls that you can buy at cost price of £3.50 per tube. This is limited to one tube per player for now as we only have a limited number. Details from Jess. If you wish to use used balls, please feel free to take 4 from the clubhouse but again mark them and take them home with you.

Club sessions, sadly, have not returned yet.