Club Competition 2020

Here is the draw for this years tournaments. It will be kept up to date with results and subsequent rounds.

Arranging Matches

The club WhatsApp group is a good way to make contact. As ever, if you can move the long conversations off to individual or small-group threads that would be appreciated. Alternatively, we keep the emails and phone numbers of members, I think I have them all and you can ask me for your partners or opponents details. If I am slow in responding then other committee members also have them.

Book the courts for the matches on club website. If you need help then I, or many other members, will be able to assist. Allow 90 minutes for the tie. Please try to get the matches played as soon as possible. In particular, the mens singles will have three rounds prior to the final. Hence the first round should be completed by the 9th August.

Match Rules

Best of three sets. The first two sets to have a tie-breaker at 6-6. The third set to be a first-to-ten tie-breaker. Single point deuces.


The final is scheduled for Sunday 27th September, weather (and everything else) permitting.

We need to play up to three rounds prior to the finals. The mens singles first round should be completed by 9th August. Other competitions have fewer rounds and we can be more relaxed. Please try to complete those first-round ties by the 30th August.

Another way of viewing the draw, with results, perhaps easier to read, correct as of 9th September:

Ladies Singles

Mens Singles

Ladies Doubles

Mens Doubles

Mixed Doubles