Roy Gibbs 2021

Sixteen players and quite a few spectators turned up on a day that, eventually, was a pleasant June afternoon. A quick recap, this tournament is in honour of a Plymstock member who died on court whilst playing for the club. The format is round-robin mixed doubles with a slight twist. The twist is that you play with your partner and then swap so you play against your regular partner. This might mean that the best player wins. And I has probably been so for the last four or five years that I have witnessed.

Some years, depending on the number of entrants, we have every one play everyone. This year we reverted to another tried and tested format, with two pools of contestants producing finalists, followed by a final. The finalists were Jess and Margie, Tim and Ian.

The winners were Tim and Jess. The trophies (mens and ladies, they both look the same) will doubtless have to share the same trophy cabinet.