Competion News and Results

The club has a men’s doubles side in the Plymouth and District League in division three. The format involves two doubles pairs from each side playing the other teams two pairs. Each match is played first-to-two sets. Points are scored for each set won. Thus the most points possible for the winning side from a fixture is 8.

P&D League Results 2019

Date Opponents Venue Result Total
Thu 2 May Ivybridge ‘C’ Away 2-6 2 SM&JW, PB&AL
Mon 6 May Plympton ‘B’ Home 0-8 2 SM&CK, PB&AL
Wed 15 May Mannamead ‘B’ Away 1-8 3 SM&CK, PB&AC
Wed 22 May Tavistock ‘B’ Away 0-8 3 SM&CK, AL&AC
Mon 3 Jun Yelverton ‘A’ Home 2-7 5 CK&PB, AL&AC
Mon 24 Jun Plympton ‘B’ Away 0-8 5 CK&FD, AC&AL
Mon 1 Jul Mannamead ‘B’ Home 0-8 5 CK&FD, AC&AL
Mon 8 Jul Ivybridge ‘C’
Home 1-8 6 CK&SM, AC&AL
Mon 15 Jul Tavistock ‘B’ Home 0-8 6 CK&FD, AC&PB
Mon 22 Jul Yelverton ‘A’ Away 2-7 8 PB&AC, SM&FD

Here is the final league table (.xls spreadsheet)

Here is a PDF file of all divisions for the men

Here is a PDF file of all divisions for the ladies

Many Thanks to our Players

Another league season completed and we put out a side every fixture. The 3rd division was very challenging for the current club membership and so many players will have played knowing that they were likely to be well beaten. On behalf of the committee, the club and the team captain I would like to thank all involved. They are (cast in order of appearance) :

Jon Williams
Pete Brownlow
Arron Lock
Chris King
Adam Clynch
Florin Decean
..and your humble correspondant, Steve Maller

P&D Knockout Cub

In the Plymouth and District Cup (mixed doubles) we narrowly lost to Ivybridge in the second round.

Club Competitions

Watch this post for 2019 competition news.

The club runs singles and doubles tournaments for members, the exact nature depends on how many want to play. Last year we ran a mens singles competition and a mixed doubles. Additionally we do a round-robin doubles competition named in honour of Roy Gibbs, who died whilst playing for this club. In the Roy Gibbs format each player plays both with and against their partner, this may sound complicated but is fun and somewhat unpredictable.

The 2019 Roy Gibbs tournament was won by Chris King and Dudley Tolkien. Full write up and pictures

The 2018 Roy Gibbs tournament had two pools of players, red group was won by Jess Randell and blue group by Chris King, full results. (PDF opens in new window).