Competition News and Results

Roy Gibbs Tournament 2021

The pandemic prevented this tournament happening in 2020. This year it returned. Congratulations to Tim and Jess.

Plymouth and District League

We are running a mens and a Ladies team. Home matches for the ladies are on Mondays and, for the men, will be on a Tuesday. Full details and results

P & D Cup

We have entered this mixed doubles knockout competition. The first round went well and next we are playing Looe at home on Friday 18th June.

2021 Club Tournament

You have until 30th June to enter. Full details.

2020 Club Tournament

The 2020 club tournament was held for mens and ladies singles, mens and ladies doubles, and mixed doubles. Results.

The Mens Singles Ladder

Position Player
1 Tim Randell
2 Adam Randell
3 Jess Randell
4 Steve Maller
5 Dave Roberts
6 Flo Decean
7 Brian Morgan
8 Phil Hughes
9 Pete Brownlow
10 Adam Clynch
11 Ian Cload

Ladder Rules

When interpreting the rules, below, consider that we will wish to keep the ladder moving, will wish to finish matches in one go, will need to fit in with the booking (and COVID-19) rules and, always, that we aim to be a friendly and inclusive club.

Joining the Ladder

  1. Members of the club can join or leave the singles ladder by a request on the club WhatsApp group. Contact any committee member if you wish to be added to this group
  2. The ladder is unisex

Challenges and Matches

  1. Anyone on the ladder can challenge anyone else any number of places above or below themselves on the ladder
  2. All results should be communicated via, for example WhatsApp, and will become publicly available
  3. If the winner of a challenge was in the lower position on the ladder then the two players swap positions. Thus it is possible that one can go from the top to the bottom, or bottom to top, or anywhere else, in one move.
  4. A time for the match can be any time daylight permits after 9am (neighbours). It must be scheduled for a 90 minute slot, using the club’s court booking system.
  5. A back-to-back challenge may be declined. This applies if neither player has since played anyone else
  6. There are no punishments or forfeits. Members are asked to find mutually suitable times. If a player believes they do not have the time to be fair to others on the ladder they should notify the match secretary who can either remove them from the ladder or, if they wish, “shelter” them at the bottom of the ladder for a period.
  7. Matches will adhere to LTA and club guidance on COVID-19 safety


  1. If time permits the match will be best of three sets. The first two sets will have tie breakers at 6-6. There will be a first to 10 tie breaker if one set all is reached
  2. If time does not permit then the total number of games will count. Hence a 6-4 0-3 unfinished situation would be a 6-7 win for the player one set down.
  3. Given all the issues about time pressure all games should have a single point deuce