Court Bookings

Weekly Schedule

Please note that the club schedule has been put on hold, temporarily. When and if we get further advice we will update this page accordingly. Meanwhile the schedule below is what we hope to return to, one fine day. Keep safe !

Day Time Use
Monday 0900 to 1200 Ladies Morning
Wednesday 1330 to 1700 Club session
Saturday 1330 to 1700 Club session
Sunday 0930 to 1030 Junior coaching 5 to 10yr
Sunday 1030 to 1130 Junior 11yr+
Sunday 1330 to 1700 Rusty Rackets Plus

And in Summer Time…

The above is a winter schedule. In summer we add/change as follows..

  • An adult improvers session on Monday evenings
  • A rusty rackets session starting about 18:00 on Tuesdays
  • The Wednesday club session switches to the evenings, starting at 17:00

Here are more details on our coaching, which covers juniors, adult improvers and individual sessions.

Fort Stamford members may use our facilities. Other than the times shown above where both courts are allocated for Club use, Fort Stamford has priority use for the one of the courts.

Events and Dates to Remember

Everything is paused at the moment. Watch this space.


Quiz and Games Evening

Thank-you to our chairman, Dudley, for a huge amount of work. About 30 people played games and guessed answers on January 19th. My team came second. For which there were no prizes of course.

Christmas dinner at Fort Stamford.

“Five G-O-L-D rings ! ”

Well it was a bit of a surprise that, as well as swinging a racket, they expect one to be able to sing as well. Twelve days of Christmas, suitable for teamwork. Lucky for me I only had 12 drummers drumming, sung only once.

Roy Gibbs Memorial Trophy

This years event was held on Sunday 6th October. It is a one day tournament in a round-robin format, held in memory of Roy Gibbs who sadly died playing for Plymstock in a league match in 1975. Full Details.

Club Tournament

Finals day was 1st September. Full Details.

Big Tennis Weekend

That went well ! See pictures

Club BBQ.

Also a success. Thank-you Jess.