Most times our members can turn up and find a court free.

Day Time Date Range Use
Monday 0900 to 1300 All Year Ladies Morning
Monday 1800 to dusk Late April to July Some matches
Tuesday 1800 to dusk Summer. Now ! Rusty Rackets
Wednesday 1330 to 1700 mid October to March Club session
Wednesday 1700 to dusk April to mid October Club session
Saturday 1330 to 1700 All year Club session

Fort Stamford members may use our facilities. Other than the times shown above where both courts are allocated for Club use, Fort Stamford has priority use for the one of the courts.

Events and Dates to Remember

Friend for Free Friday

Friday 14th June, 6pm until the sun goes down. Equipment provided. Bring a friend. Bring some nibbles. Bring some drinks.

Big Tennis Weekend

Saturday 27th July 2019 10:00am to noon. Also free. All welcome. Equipment provided. Club BBQ later.


Saturday 27th July, 6:30pm onwards. Club BBQ. Cost £4.00 covers all food. Please bring your own drink and glasses. Guests welcome.